Project Specialist 0.03 Patchnotes

>Scoring System
>Settings Menus
>Save System (Save Slots disabled in build)
>Support for Retrobit Genesis Controller (X-Input)

>Visuals and lighting of the Hub

I've added proper settings menu with just about every option you could need on PC. if there is anything missing from it feel free to leave feedback and I'll see what I can do to add a feature. Currently Volume and Difficulty are non working options as I'm still working on getting those systems working in general.

With the save system addition progress is now tracked across each level. The game saves when you complete a level and will open up doors in the hub when you've completed the correct stage. Currently the save deletes itself once you've exited the game. I don't intend to have the demo be long enough to where you'll need a save slot.

I've also added the scoring system! I have been on the fence about adding this system for awhile. I decided it would be fun though so I've made it a bounty reward. You can gain a lot of reward from picking up items,completing stages,defeating enemies and bosses. However you can also lose a lot of points by taking damage and losing lives.

One final note, This game is going to continue development and this demo will be updated to reflect that. However the demo will only feature the current area of the hub and levels.


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Jul 12, 2019

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