Out-Class Hunter 0.0.13 "Where we are now" Update Details

Raytracing (Experimental)

We have added various features of Raytracing to Out-Class! This feature is overall untested and unoptimized. If you want to try it out I recommend only using it in Grasslands Zone as other Zones and the Hub have poor performance currently.


I wanted to add another form of earning reward since there were way too many health pickups and nothing else. While health pickups gave a small amount of reward I felt it was better to add something a bit prettier and satisfying to pick up. Pickups also now fly into the player rather than just disappearing on pickup. They also have a bigger hitbox so picking them up will be much easier as well!

Camera Realignment!

Added the ability to realign the camera for controller! We have a lot more planned for the camera system like auto realignment and getting it to properly follow environments for more comfortable play on controller!

Secret Pickups!

I added some Game Carts of fellow indie games! You might even know them! 
The first 3 added are none other than

Hub Terminal (Work in Progress)

I've been wanting to add a way of viewing Collectibles/Lore and having a map of the hub if you get lost. Emkay has been designing the new UI for the terminals while I've been implementing it. I can't wait to show off a finished version of these terminals cause they look fantastic.

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Great update! Glad to see all those additions, game looks better and better

We also got a lot more updates/additions coming for our August update so keep an eye out for that one