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Out-Class Hunter (Formerly Project Specialist) is a fast paced platformer that aims to bring back things like hub worlds and fast paced gameplay. It even sports a mix of retro art styles and modern lighting techniques. A simple Single Player focused title that doesn't have things like lootboxes or live game services. 

The Story follows the Bounty Hunter H-14 "Winona" tasked with taking down a mysterious mercenary who has taken a biome research space station hostage. This mercenary has completely flooded the station with his deadly robots. Luckily for H-14 for every one she takes down she gets a bigger reward.

Alpha Demo

This demo is a short piece of the beginning of the game. It features 3 stages 2 regular stages and 1 boss stage. It also includes a hub exclusive to this demo.

The Full version of the game will feature a much larger hub with secrets to find and areas to unlock. Many more stages and even secret stages to discover!

Upcoming Update 0.0.10

The soon to come update will be including a new Logo by Emkay as well as Character Animation from Chrispy Pixels. This update will take some time to release. So in the meantime here is a preview of the art.


  • Fast Paced Gameplay
  • First Preview Chapter of the Full Game
  • Bounty System! - You gain reward instead of points! Every robot destroyed,Boss Defeated,Stage cleared,Pickup Picked! gains you more reward! However being a bounty hunter ain't easy. Negative actions like Taking Damage, and Dying will make you lose reward and even go into debt!.
  • Spend that reward! - Sometimes you'll need to pay your way to success. You can buy extra lives,health,and sometimes you can only reach certain areas with enough reward. *
  • Hub World! - Explore the Space Station,Spend your rewards*, and Discover Secrets!*


Amando Gasca - 7hrone

Sabrina Marelli - Emkaymlp

Chrispy Pixels - ChrispyPixels

Want to follow the development? Follow @7hrone on Twitter


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Version 0.0.9

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Hey mate, tried your game on stream. It REALLY breaks streaming when shadows are on Epic. I have a state of the art gaming laptop and can stream stuff like MHW on max settings no prob so there's some weird thing going on. --- THE GAME IS GOOD. PLS CONTINUE DEVELOPING. DO NOT STOP.  Come over to the stream to talk! https://www.twitch.tv/naturalpowergames

Thanks for playing it. I'll have to test whats going on with shadows. Could you tell me what version of what streaming software you're using?

But don't worry we don't intend to stop developing any time soon. We have a pretty big update to the demo pretty soon.

p.s I'll add an add lives button for you ;)