Out-Class Hunter 0.0.9 Update Details

The main focus of this update was the overhaul to all of the AI. This includes the standard enemies and the boss.

The standard ground enemies will now patrol a small area around their spawn area instead of just slowly moving towards the player regardless of their distance. When an enemy spots a player it'll speed up and try to attack them!

However the changes to enemies haven't stopped there. I've also added difficulty enemy placement. Some enemies won't appear on lower difficulties but they will all appear on "Scary" difficulty. Your reward losses are also multiplied on higher difficulties than normal and lower on easy. Your reward and your debt don't have a cap so be very careful about how much you lose!

The next update has much more exciting changes coming and is expected to be the final update to the demo! It will then be a focus on developing the full game and will after a few internal builds move to 0.1.0 where it'll be considered feature complete.

We will move to posting regular updates on here and twitter of the progress and overall showcases of new content for the full game!


Out-Class Hunter Demo - Windows 911 MB
Version 0.0.9 Mar 13, 2020

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